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10 Efficient and Verified Ways to Increase Website Traffic

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Do you have a website or blog? It’s just a lonely and an empty place if you are not getting visitors. Don’t worry your site is not gonna be empty place any more.

How to bring traffic to your website?
How much traffic does my site get?
How to get more website traffic for free?
How to increase search engine ranking?

We’ll help you till the end and answer all your questions. There are many creative and efficient ways to increase your site’s traffic. Some of them are paid and some are absolutely free. It’s very easy to create a blog, but it’s too difficult to get into the top 10 or even in decent ranking. Starting a blog is a best way to increase your online performance but capturing more visitors requires a lot of commitment, hard work and it takes time. Many webmasters and bloggers don’t know few secrets ways to increase their site appearance in search engine and ranking. We present you Top 10 basic Ways to Increase Website traffic (BASIC LEVEL) that will absolutely help you a lot.

10. Domain Name/URL

If you are going to start a fresh website choose simple, easy, relevant and remarkable domain name. Select a name which is easy to remember like 3Rank.com instead of choosing a long name rankingthecontent.com. URL plays an important role in search engine result. Try to choose .com website as it is easy to remember your site.
Select URL format: ” http://3rank.com/top-10-best-product-by-google/ ” instead of “http://3rank.com/?p=15“.

9. Get Backlinks

This is very important part of website management also known as link exchange. If you want your site to appear in google search, the best way is to get some Quality links. Remember: linking to low quality sites may degrade your website performance in search queries.
How to get Quality Backlinks to your site?

8. Submit Articles

There are many community sites are waiting for you. Start submitting your post to these sites. They don’t offer you only backlinks but also help to provide a decent amount of traffic to your website. Still confused where to submit your post? It’s ok, we are providing you some good quality community sites:

7. Interlinks your Article

Have you ever wondered why Wikipedia is always on top of search engine whenever you search for specific topics? Why it is the most popular encyclopedia on the internet? Because the site has numerous useful internal linking known as inbound links. You may find a large number of related topics on a single page. You must have inbound links within your website

  • It increases Page Rank
  • Helps in better crawling and indexing
  • Increase page views/Decrease bounce rate
  • Exposure to old content

6. Comment on related blogs

Commenting on other blogs and responding to your blog comments is a great idea to get some quality traffic. It will also help you to build a strong relationship with other blogger. If you post a comment on doFollow, keywordluv and commentluv blog, you gain a free backlink to your site. Our website (3Rank)  has DoFollow and commentluv enabled feature. So you get a free backlink to your site whenever you comment or submit any stuff to us i.e. We get a benefit by your response and so do you.
Where do I submit Article/Comment ? 

5. Focus on Title, Description and Keywords

Keywords, Title and Description are the most important element to get good ranking in search engine queries. There are numerous popular plugin available for free (WordPress) that helps to get indexed efficiently in less time. We recommend you to use unique keywords, title and relevant description about your article.
An example of this article, we have filled the
Keyword as “Ways to Increase Website Traffic”
Title => “Top 10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic – 3Rank”

You may also use Google Adwords Keyword tool to find which keyword can get a large amount of traffic and thus you get a rough idea of keyword you should target for your post.

4. Use Social Networking Sites

We all know about FacebookTwitterGoogle+pinterest etc. We all use it as our daily life routine. If you are active on any of these sites than sharing your article regularly will help you a lot. People who love to read fresh content but unable to find your site in search engines will get you directly through Social Networking Sites.

3. Index Your Website

Indexing your site is a process of telling the different search engine about your site. Although most of the search engines automatically detects your site but they take more time. So it’s better to let them (search engine)  know about you instead of waiting for them to find you. This might be a common method but still lots of new bloggers didn’t know about this.
Submit your site to Google / Bing

2. Quality content

Offer people something original and different that cannot be found somewhere else or at least not as good as your quality level. You need to make sure that your tags placed correctly and your links are not broken. Provide image content for better communication, and don’t copy images from other sites especially from google image. Search engine loves quality and unique contents, so try to update your site regularly with meaningful stuffs.
We recommend you : How to make a good and search engine friendly content

10 basic Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Be patient

The search engine takes a lot of time to index a new website and their content. It’s worth to wait and in the meantime, you should continue to add quality content regularly and keep it up to date. You must be thinking how much time does it take to get indexed on google properly. Well no one can answer this question as Google keeps their algorithm secret and update it regularly. So it may take 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or even one year. But we recommend you to wait for 2 months and keep adding original contents.
Still if you have any problem with your site let us know by commenting below.

Head Contributor: Varun Kumar

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  1. Amazing article! I have been trying desperately to increase my search rankings without cheating or getting myself blacklisted. This article provided me with a ton of information I had never thought of before. Thank you Varun.

  2. It’s rather a nice useful bit of data. We’re joyful which you shared this handy info with us. You need to stop us well informed this way. Thanks for spreading.

  3. Thank you for this article. It has valuable information concerning ways of improving website traffic. I have already tried most of the ways except articles and I am still not getting enough traffic. I will continue doing so and be patient for the results. At least I am now sure that am looking for traffic in the right way.

  4. Great article. I need to do more by leaving comments.

  5. I was smiling while reading this. It seemed alot like deja vu! Awesome article

  6. I didn’t understand the whole concept of black links….and even about the images….my blog is about celeb news but its obivio that I cannot go to a celeb and take there picture myself and post it with news related to it…is there any help I can get

  7. You should add Email Marketing as the 11th method of increasing your website traffic :)

    Email Marketing 24/7

  8. Hey !! My friend I really like this post actually i want to start a site like that to be like you.Can you suggest me how i should start i mean what topics i should chose??

    • Something that you are master in | Something you can explain easily | Something that entertains your audience

  9. very useful! tks:)

  10. Pretty solid list.

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    • Hey Tejas,
      I must say you have come with a new idea which seems pretty cool. I like your front-end design too.
      Here is the thing that bothered me as a user. The external web page load time goes too high if I open it through my website. (According to the demo you have provided).

  11. Thanks for the encouraging words and honest feedback.

    We are in beta and constantly trying to improve/optimize the app. If you click on demo links now, you will find it significantly faster than last time.

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    Eagerly waiting to have you on board and get your feedback.

  12. Hi Varun,
    I am glad to be here at your informative page.
    I have learned, picked up a good number of tips
    from this educative post.
    Though i practice some of the tips mentioned here
    many i am not doing or not known.
    Thank you so much for this informative page
    May you have a great weekend
    Keep informed
    ~ Philip V Ariel

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