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Top 10 Highest Paid Singers in the World 2014

We all love listening music. It helps to refresh our mind sometimes motivate ourselves. The world has many legendary male and female singers. Singers and musicians have always been great celebrities for all people around the world. Some artists have opened restaurants and theme parks. They just wanted to make fame and a few extra sources of income. The worth of following singers is estimated from albums sold and concert trips around the globe. Here is the list of Top 10 Highest Paid Singers in the World 2014 according to the Billboard 2014 report.

10. Fleetwood Mac – US $19 Million

Fleetwood MacPhoto credit: wikipedia

Fleetwood Mac is a British American rock band formed in 1967. The band name formed by combining the surnames of two of his former bandmates, McVei and Fleetwood. They got popularity at the end of the 1960s. In 1977, their four songs ranked in US top 10 songs and their song “Dream” remained at number one on the American album chart for 31 weeks. The band has sold 100 million albums worldwide.

9. Pink – US $20 Million

PinkPhoto credit: wikipedia

Alecia Beth Moore Hart or commonly known as Pink is an American singer and actress. She began her solo career in 2000 with “There You Go”. She earned her first Grammy Award in 2001 for best Pop Collaboration with Vocals.  She has been considered as one of the most successful artists who sold more than 45 million albums and 65 million singles worldwide. She also appeared on the 2013 Forbes list of highest paid musicians with the earning of $32 million.

8. Luke Bryan – US $22.1 Million

Luke BryanPhoto credit: Billboard

Luke Bryan is an American pop singer and began his career in the mid 2000s. Recently he launched his fourth album “Crash My Party” in mid of 2013. As of February 2014, his songs climbed to number one on the Hot Country Song Chart. He was the recipient of the Academy of Country Music Awards for Entertainer of the year. He also won a CMT Music Award, Teen Choice Award and American Music Award.

7. Maroon 5 – US $22.2 Million

Maroon 5Photo credit: wikipedia

Maroon 5 is a pop rock band based in Los Angeles, California. They made their debut album under the name “Songs About Jane” in mid 2002. In 2011 their song “Move Like Jagger” has sold over 14.4 million, making it the one of the best selling singles worldwide. Since their inception, the band has sold more than 31 million singles and 27 million albums worldwide.

6. Beyonce – US $24 Million


Photo credit: flickr

Photo credit: Beyonce is an American artist and wife of popular rapper Jay-Z. Her first debut album “Dangerously in Love”, has sold more than 11 million and earned five Grammy Awards. In 2013, she was listed in Time magazine’s list of the most influential people in the world. In her 16 years of career she was 17 Grammy Awards and sold more than 118 million records, making her one of the best selling music artists of all time.

5. The Rolling Stones – US $26 Million

The Rolling StonesPhoto credit: wikipedia

The Rolling Stones is an English rock band formed in 1062. The rolling Stone magazine ranked them fourth on the 100 greatest artists of all time. They have released twenty-nine albums and eighteen live albums and sold more than 250 million copies worldwide. In 2008 Billboard ranked them 10th on the 100 all-time top artists and they celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2012.

4. Bon Jovi – US $29 Million

Bon JoviPhoto credit: wikipedia

Bon Jovi is an American rock band formed in 1983. The band named after his lead singer Jon Bon Jovi. He received the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2006 and also honored with the award of merit at the American Music Awards in 2004. Bon Jovi has released 12 albums and two live albums and sold more than 130 million records worldwide. They are one of the best selling music artists of all time.

3. Justin Timberlake – US $31 Million

Justin TimberlakePhoto credit: wikipedia

Justin Timberlake is an American singer, actor and philanthropist. He has released his three studio albums and each album sales crossed seven million worldwide, making him one of the most commercially successful singers. He also appeared in many films, including Friends with Benefits, The Social Network, In Time and Bad Teacher. His work has earned him nine Grammy Awards and four Emmy Awards. He also co-owned three restaurants in the United States.

2. Kenny Chesney – US $33 Million

Kenny ChesneyPhoto credit: wikipedia

Kenny Chesney is an American singer and songwriter. He has recorded 15 albums and has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. He also produced more than top ten 30 singles on the Billboard hot songs chart. During his career, he won an American Music Award, People’s Choice Awards and Billboard Music Awards. His Flip Flop Summer Tour of 2007 was the highest grossing country road trip of the year.

1. Taylor Swift – US $40 Million

Taylor Swift - Highest Paid SingersPhoto credit: flickr

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Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter and a philanthropist. She has released four studio albums and become the youngest person to single write and performs a number one song on the Hot Country Song Chart. She also appeared in Hollywood films including Valentine Day (2010) and animated film The Lorax (2012). Till 2014, she had sold over 26 million albums and 75 million singles worldwide. As a philanthropist, she supports children’s education, natural disaster relief and charities for sick children.

  • douglas

    I think REBA was this years highest paid if people magazine is right im sure it would be… REBA Income from may 2013 to may 2014 totaled $58mill.. 18mill more then swift.