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10 Worst and Most Brutal Rape Cases in India

The constantly increasing number of rapes is a serious matter for the police as well as for Indian government. In India, New Delhi has the highest number of rape cases recorded. Sources showed that the number of rape cases has doubled between 1990 and 2008. According to the National Crime Records Bureau 24206 rape cases were registered in India in 2011 only. According to the source a new case is reported in every 20 minutes. Every year a large number of girls have been raped but some cases got the international attention. We are presenting you the 10 Worst and Most Brutal Rape Cases in India.


10. Shopian rape and murder case

Shopian rape and murder case

On 29th June 2009 two women who were sister in law went missing from their house, Shopian district, Jammu and Kashmir. Next day their bodies were found one kilometer from their house.  Both the women were raped and murdered. As the news spread hundreds of people including a large number of women collect on the streets. No FIR was registered early but when this case spread all over the state, the police filed the FIR report after 11 days.


9. Geeta Chopra rape and murder

Geeta Chopra rape and murder

Geeta Chopra and his husband Sanjay Chopra and their two children were kidnapped and murdered in New Delhi in 1978. Two young men Jasbir Singh and Kuljeet Singh raped Geeta and killed the entire members in the family. After a few months they were arrested on a train. Both culprits were found guilty and hanged till death in 1982.


8. Soumya rape and murder case

Soumya rape and murder case

Soumya, a 23 year old woman was travelling from Ernakulam to Shornur in a passenger train on 1st Feb 2011. Govindachami 33 year old man tried to rob her in train smashed her head on the wall of the train and threw her out of the train. He carried her to the woods near railway track and raped her brutally. The criminal was caught and hanged.


7. Jalgaon rape case

Jalgaon rape case

The Jalgaon rape case was one of the major cases of human trafficking and rape in Maharashtra. It came into the light in mid-1994. Around 500 women are involved in this, many of them are school going minors. Few victims claimed that they were tranquilized before being sexually assaulted and they were blackmailed. In 1993 few girls lodged a police complaint and hundreds of women were free from this human trafficking.


6. Anjana Mishra rape case

Anjana Mishra rape case

Anjana Mishra rape case was a high profile case occurred in Orissa in 1999. She was raped on 9 January 1999. On that day Anjana and her friend was travelling in a car and intercepted by three men and she was gang raped in front of her friend. Two of the culprits were arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment and a fine of 5000 each.


5. Ajmer rape case

Ajmer rape case

In 1992, Ajmer rape case was one of the biggest sex scandals. A gang befriended over 100 schoolgirls and raped them. They photographed the girls to exploit the victims. After being raped and no support from their society and families six victims committed suicide. Eight people were arrested and sentence to life imprisonment. After some time the state court reduces the life sentence of four criminal to 10 years imprisonment.


4. Vachathi case

Vachathi victim

The Vachathi case happened on 20 June 1992 in the Vachathi village of Tamilnadu. A team of 269 people including forest officer and police entered a Dalit village searching for smuggled sandalwood and to know about Veerappan. During the search they destroy their house, killed their cattle and raped 18 women. After the CBI inquiry all of them found guilty. 54 of the accused died by the time and remaining 215 were sentenced to jail.


3. Imrana rape case

Imrana rape case

The Imrana rape case is the case of sexual assault of a 28 year Muslim woman by her father in law on 6 June 2005. She was raped by her 69 year father in law Ali Mohammed. The police registered a case under section 376 (rape) and 506 (intimidation). He was sentenced to 10 years and a fine of Rs 8000 for raping her and for criminal intimidation he was sentenced to 3 years and a fine of Rs 3000.


2. Bhanwari Devi case

Bhanwari Devi case

The Bhanwari Devi rape case attracted widespread media attention nationally and internationally. On 22nd Sep 1992 she and her husband working in their field, five men of the village attacked her husband and two of them raped her. The judge ruled that they were not guilty as her husband couldn’t watch his wife being gang raped. But she received support nationally and internationally and was invited to be a part of the United Nation.


1. Delhi Gang rape and murder case

Delhi Gang rape and murder case

The 2012 Delhi Gang rape and murder case was one of the most thrilling and brutal cases. A 23 year woman and her friend were on their way to home after watching a movie Life of Pie. They take a white line bus from Munirka to Dwarka. When the people inside the bus taunted the couple her male friend tried to intervene. He was beaten with an iron rod and knocked unconscious. They beat her with iron rod and raped her and damage her abdomen and intestine. All the six people were arrested and one of them Ram Singh died in trial period in jail. Four of them are going to be hanged and the young boy under 18 is sent to a juvenile home.

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